Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tomorrow (which is only in an hour or so): in the WNJ you'll find lil' ole me and the Blue Enigma Party

If everything goes according to plan (just ask those new good buddies Dubya and Nancy P about that), Beth Miller will have an article in tomorrow's WNJ/Delaware Online about the Blue Enigma Party's gubernatorial candidate Jeff Brown.

Jeff lists himself as a Native Delawarean and long time community advocate; Politics1 lists him as a bartender & stripper. I don't see the two descriptions as incompatible.

Beth and I spent a good ten minutes discussing third parties in Delaware and across the nation; hopefully some of that will make it into print.

In case you wondered, here's the platform of the Blue Enigma Party:

The Delaware school system needs more teachers. Teachers are crucial to the development of Delaware’s future and growth. Through a comprehensive plan, we will eliminate the costly school districts and create a more unified state educational system; thus providing more money for teacher salaries and programs. The Blue Enigma Party supports the development of curricula which encourages every student's need to achieve. By incorporating diversified lesson plans, Delaware teachers will be able to reach all students on an individualized academic level. The Blue Enigma Party supports a Statewide educational reform.

We believe that the state government needs to take a more active roll in the growing crime problem throughout Delaware. By adding police presence in high crime areas, we can begin to tackle crime before it proliferates. The Blue Enigma Party is an advocate for promoting job placements in low income areas, business management training for local residents, and creating a positive liaison with wealthier communities. With continued progress, Delaware will be able to rebuild the image and the foundation of high crime areas.

The Blue Enigma Party is in full support of Green Energy. Harnessing Delaware’s landscape through the combination of solar, wind, and wave power; we can begin to tackle the increasing cost of energy consumption in our state. The Blue Enigma Party will ask that the curbside recycling program becomes a permanent fixture in all communities. As a reward for partaking in the promotion of sustainable energy, Blue Enigma will provide voucher coupons for supermarkets and local businesses. These vouchers will also produce an increase of revenue for the local economy.

The Blue Enigma Party also promotes legalizing sports betting and allowing poker rooms in casinos. The legalization of sports betting and poker rooms in casinos will help build revenue for the state. This will generate more income for Delaware to utilize for numerous obligations.

I'm not sure how the whole supermarket voucher for green energy thing works, but--on the whole--I bet Bill Lee wishes he actually had this much of a platform.

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Unknown said...

Given the choices we face this year for President, it’s likely we will get another tax-and-spend, civil-liberties-eroding, foreign-adventuring head of state. And even if we don’t, and Bob Barr is elected, he will still need a Libertarian Congress if he’s to get much done.
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