Thursday, September 11, 2008

Angela Keaton torpedoes Bob Barr campaign by seducing him into saying nice things about George Bush

Well, it makes as much sense as the last LNC meeting or Bob Barr choosing to use September 11 to praise the Bush administration.

Somewhere (over at Libertarian Republican, if you must know), Eric Dondero is chortling over this, asserting that Barr's endorsement of Dubya's reaction to 9/11 is evidence that the LP has finally gone mainstream.

Simultaneously, Barr campaign mangler Russ ["Where the hell did Angela Keaton put all Ross Perot's old charts"] Verney can be found quoted over at Last Free Voice extolling Barr's incredible leadership, which amounts [if you actually read the post] to Verney congratulating Barr for showing leadership by following his campaign mangler's orders.

You can also read comments there from the new petition circulating to remove Bob Barr as the LP Presidential candidate.

Who'd have thunk that Angela Keaton had the time to do all that after she finished being a sexual predator at the LNC?


John Famularo said...

There is no time or effective mechanism to remove Barr as the LP nominee just as there was no effective mechanism to replace Root with Paul as the VP nominee. Each LP state chair where substitutions are allowed would have to fie properly executed documents with their respective state election officials. The probability of this being completed within the next 60 days is nil. Even if every state chair would cooperate , which of course they wouldn’t./

David said...

I think Bush had 90% approval ratings for his reaction to 9/11. Barr was there and he is obviously correct. He has his problems with the administration, but few rational people had a problem with that. I doubt you did either.

Bob Barr's candidacy is pretty well gone as a force because of the choice of Sarah Palin. He is frustrated and knows he needs to shake something up. He may still get a record, but it won't be anywhere near what he was heading to get.