Thursday, November 6, 2008

Allen Buckley will not go quietly

Since Allen Buckley's 3.4% take in the Georgia Senatorial race kept either Saxby Chambliss or Jim Martin from scoring 50%, there will be a December run-off. You can expect a lot of national attention, but the fact is that Georgia turn-out was pretty high, and those 126,000 Buckley voters are now a prime commodity. Whoever can pick up the majority of them is probably going to DC.

Which means that both Chambliss and Martin suddenly would like a Libertarian's endorsement.

Not so fast, the AJC reports Buckley as saying,

Buckley said Thursday that by early next week he will have a campaign “commitment” form he will ask the two top vote-getters to sign before getting his endorsement. No signature, no endorsement, said the Smyrna lawyer and CPA.

“It’s going to be mainly financial commitments that are reasonable,” Buckley told The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Buckley ran an underfunded campaign based on fiscal responsibility. He said that neither Chambliss nor Martin support the massive federal spending cuts that Buckley said are necessary to save the nation from eventual “financial doom.” Buckley contends that the growing federal debt will eventually take down the country’s financial under pinning.

Buckley said Martin called him early Wednesday morning asking for his endorsement, but Buckley said he did not commit.

The Libertarian said he will formally ask Chambliss and Martin to sign his commitment, which he said will be “three or four pages” and list five to 10 commitments. Among them: A promise to cut federal spending, a balanced federal budget, no pork spending and a realistic solution to Social Security.

“If they don’t sign it, they won’t get my endorsement,” he said.

Can we say, "Kingmaker"?

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Duffy said...

Interesting strategery. Become the wedge party. The one that grabs enough of the vote to force themselves in to relevance.