Sunday, November 30, 2008

Really, I was going to introduce Brian Miller before he started posting here....

... but I have the best excuse in the world: six days of in-laws in my house for Thanksgiving.

I met Brian about six or seven months ago, in some communication between Delaware Libertarian and Outright Libertarians, and discussions just took off like they do when you meet somebody you'd swear you knew all your life, except that you just met him yesterday....

Brian is articulate, opinionated, well-informed, and far more of an insider to Libertarian politics than I am.

He's been knocking around here commenting and (whenever he considers it necessary) crossing swords with the rest of the house.

In short, Brian Miller is exactly the sort of Libertarian misfit I'm proud to have associated (even if the State linkage is pretty much limited to 14 miles of I-95) with Delaware Libertarian.

I give him, oh, two maybe three days before he truly pisses off somebody in the readership, which is all too the good.


Anonymous said...

I'm pissed.

Brian Miller said...

Good, I am doing my job.

Either that, or you're British and you've had too much booze... ;)