Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

For my fellow Libertarians, who don't believe that the State should have either that kind of responsibility or power, a challenge:

What have you personally done since last Veterans Day to support our disabled and homeless veterans?

What will you personally commit to doing between now and next November 11?


a most peculiar nature said...

We have done more than some, certainly not as much as others.

Never enough.

We always help out with the yearly carnival at the Veterans Hospital. We belong to Patriot Guard Riders, who support both veterans and active service people. And, even though I don't think of it as any sacrifice but rather a labor of love, we annoy people no end asking for contributions to Larry Binger, a disabled Navy Vet in Newark who participates in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games every year. I consider him a friend (he is also a member of Patriot Guard), so that probably doesn't count as a commitment. It's personal with me. Such a guy.

I have a friend who is a Viet Nam Vet who is nearing the end of his time with GM, and is working with someone else on a grant to work with homeless vets. He said he couldn't believe how many there are, and I think he is thinking in his mind that it very easily could have been him.

I need to do more. Help on the homefront for the families left behind to cope is high on my list.

It is never enough.

George Donnelly said...

Pay my taxes?