Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Libertarian results in Delaware encouraging for the future

Not surprisingly, in a near-landslide Democratic years, Delaware voters still returned Mike Castle to the House of Representatives with 61% of the vote.

But Libertarian candidate Mark Anthony Parks polled 3,583 votes (1%).

To put that in perspective, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr only managed 1,108 votes statewide.

Mark, who campaigned persistently with no resources worth mentioning, established that there are at least 5-6 times more people in Delaware willing to vote for a Libertarian candidate than there are registered Libertarians. These are people that the Libertarian Party of Delaware needs to reach out and find.

Suppose, for the sake of future elections, that the LPD could manage to locate 3,500 potential voters and convince each of them to donate $25 to a future statewide campaign. That would amount to more than $87,000 available to a future LPD candidate, which would (surprise, surprise) actually allow for some media buys.

In the 4th House District, Tyler Nixon piled up 2,605 combined Libertarian and Republican votes (26.6%), and in the 23rd House District Jesse Priester garnered 2,028 combined Libertarian and Republican votes (25%).

These are vote totals that we can build upon--reasons to look forward with optimism.

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