Sunday, November 30, 2008

Because Socialist Paradise Takes Time...

Like any bully dictator, Hugo Chavez isn't much on term limits (at least for himself), much less a stable constitution for his country.

What a shock. Who would have ever thought socialism could breed self-perpetuating tyranny by a ruthless megalomaniacal thug?

Venezuela's Hugo Chávez again seeks indefinite re-election

Associated Press

President Hugo Chávez asked supporters to propose a constitutional reform that would allow him to seek indefinite re-election and govern through 2019, giving him more time to build a socialist economy in Venezuela.

''We are going to begin the national debate,'' the former paratroops commander told a crowd of red-clad government supporters at a rally in Caracas on Sunday.

Chávez, who was first elected in 1998, is barred from running again when his term as president expires in 2013.

Venezuelan voters last year rejected a sweeping package of constitutional changes that would have ended presidential term limits, with many of Chávez's opponents warning that he intends to be president for life.

Any new attempt at a reform, which must be approved in a nationwide referendum, would open a new front for tensions between government-backers and their political rivals.

Chávez also threatened Sunday to expel Colombia's top diplomat in Maracaibo, Venezuela's second largest city, after he privately welcomed opposition victories in five key races during last week's gubernatorial and municipal elections.

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CMF said...

Given that Delaware's laws are preferred by corporations around the country, is it a Libertarian Paradise?