Friday, November 21, 2008

An Anti-Federalist Project, thanks to the USMC

Master Sergeant Donald F. Kampe, USMC, reads this blog, and I am damn proud of that.

We disagree on lots of things, especially foreign policy in general and Iraq in specific. I'd venture to say that he is where I was several years ago (intellectually but not geographically speaking), there is probably room for movement on both sides.

Here are a few snippets of what Don has written to me:

Damn, I miss the Articles of Confederation as well!!!

I just got done reading a John Stossel piece and it reminded me about how in the movie the patriot Marin said that 3000 men 1 mile away could trample a man's rights just as well as 1 man 3000 miles away. That started me on the train of thought that we have now pushed the presidency to the point of he is King and can solve all and rules all. Seems to me that I read somewhere that some people called that a long time ago, that if the Constitution were passed that it would come to where we are now. Those being the Anti-Federalist. Scary when you read their writings and see who well they predicted the outcome. As flawed as they all were, we haven't a politician now that could come close, they were true statesmen and yes they had their own interests at heart no doubt, but most of them put their money and neck out there, not today. There are many things that you and I agree on and some we don't though we can disagree in a civilized manner and though I won't change my mind, I can understand your position and respect it. If you and I can do that why can't our leaders do that? Just a random thought but I figured you would get a laugh and maybe it would stimulate some writing for you.

Yeah, Don, it did stimulate some writing. I had been working with George Donnelly on and off regarding the idea of a Libertarian Contract with America, and in the Boston Tea Party I have been floating the concept of a Gallatin Project think-tank for Libertarian candidates.

But what I'm thinking now that we have take the original concept of the Anti-Federalist Papers and use that to reframe the political discourse in a most public, most provocative way.

No, it doesn't quite make sense, but at heart I think I am an intuitive rather than a logical guy.

So, Donald, when it comes, remember that you're at least partly to blame.

And, oh yeah, much as it hurts an old Army guy to say this .... Semper Fi

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Darjeelingzen said...

I am working a project to publish my thesis on the Anti-Federalists that you might like.