Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Apparently the only good dog (who is not a Police dog) is a dead dog...

... for my friends who think law enforcement has enough accountability and not enough power.

JD at Disloyal Opposition chronicles what is beginning to appear as a nationwide police war on dogs:

In Park Forest, Illinois, police investigating a burglary entered the yard of the Walker family with a police dog in tow. Princess, the Walker's German shepherd-pit bull mix, apparently smelled the police canine on the other side of the door and scratched to be let out. Thinking the dog needed to answer a call of nature, the Walkers' 10-year-old son opened the door, at which point Princess ran to investigate the intruders.

One of the officers promptly shot the dog with his service revolver.

You really need to read the whole thing, painful as it is.

Then you need to think about how we have created a society in which certain individuals with guns are somehow quite often not answerable for their actions, and lobby hard to keep ordinary citizens as poorly armed as possible.

Here's a simple formulation for you: police officers who kill dogs with little or no provocation are no different than the Waffen SS officer candidates at Bad Toelz in Germany who strangled their own dogs on command as part of their graduation requirements.

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