Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank you, Sid Courtney

The Libertarian Party of Delaware has been achieving a higher statewide profile these days, thanks to an increasing number of people willing to identify themselves publicly as Libertarians.

The latest is a letter to the editor in today's News Journal:

After reviewing the election results for state offices, is there a Republican Party in Delaware? In New Castle County, so many offices were uncontested that I thought a coup had taken place.

The fact that the only statewide office held by a Republican is the state auditor, who has been in office for 20 years, is pathetic. When he decides to leave and Mike Castle retires as congressman, these offices will probably go to Democrats.

Republicans lost at least seven seats in the House and two Senate seats. It looks like the makeup of the Legislature will be 15-6 in the Senate and 26-15 in the House.

As a libertarian, I believe that a one-party state is asking for big trouble. We have had 16 years of Democratic governors, and will make it at least 20. The Senate has been in Democratic hands for 36 years.

I left the Republican Party several years ago when I felt it stood for nothing except me-tooism. I find it interesting that Colin Bonini of Dover, who has been vocal about the spending spree we’ve been on, was re-elected easily after 14 years in the Senate. The mushy middle gave no reason for people not to vote Democratic.

I suggest the country club Republicans enlist people from the Libertarian Party and others who are able to present a cogent argument against the status quo. Failure to recruit candidates for major offices should be proof enough that the people running the party are worn-out dinosaurs.

Sid Courtney, Dover

Thanks, Sid. Keep it up.

A challenge for other Libertarians in Delaware: at least once a month both major papers need to receive a specifically Libertarian-themed letter worth publishing.

Remember: Mark Parks received nearly 3,600 votes in the general election with virtually no advertising. Building a recognizable Libertarian brand in Delaware is a critical step toward doubling or tripling that performance in 2010.

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Eric Dondero said...

Holy Shit Steven. Great minds think alike. I just posted this to LR blog.

This guy may have hit on something that could spread nationally. With Democrats now in ascendance everywhere, maybe the only hope that we have is for a genuine Libertarian Party-Republican Party merger.