Sunday, November 2, 2008

You may have noticed the absence of general election-related material...

... which is because--aside from fervently praying for the success of some Libertarian candidates in state and local races, as well as the failure of Prop 8 in California--I have reached the saturation point.

It happened this weekend at my daughter's soccer tournament (where anybody with a pistol seems to have had a concealed carry permit). Moments after I watched her execute to leap of her twelve-year-old life to stop a rocket at the crossbar of the goal, I realized, This is what is important to me..

About two devout Statists (yes, f**king Uber-Statists, jason), contending for the Presidency, I simply no longer give a shit.

I'm done.

I'll deal with policy and politics as it comes, but you know what?

I'm still a free American citizen regardless of what twit is in the White House. I'll cling to my goddamn guns and my goddamn Bible for security, and I'll hang out with former goddamn terrorists if I jolly well feel like it. My wife and I will teach our children the values we think they should have, then we'll send them to school to find out about the real world, and cringe while they make mistakes as teenagers. [The biggest mistake my oldest daughter ever made is the adorable, blond-haired five-year-old grandson I cannot imagine life without. Mistakes happen. So does shit. Life goes on, or it doesn't.]

I'll engage in grey markets, black markets, and cheat on taxes as necessary.

I'll get a thrill running up my leg in 2010 when I lie to the census taker again.

Anybody who believes in that Change We Can Believe In is about to overcome global warming, Chinese alarm clocks, homophobia, or the fact that Amanda Tapping's new SF series Sanctuary really sucks is an idiot.

Conversely, anybody who hasn't realized that Sarah Palin can no more spell Libertarian than First Amendment, or that "Country First" begs the question of, "What's second, by the way, John?" is a moron.

I say again: for at least the next 48 hours I no longer give a shit.

You're welcome to join my party, or go on pretending that this all matters.

It's a free country (sort of) (for now).


tom said...

"It's a free country (sort of) (for now)."

Yeah, in some ways Delaware is perhaps more free than it should be.

The Department of "Justice" is currently doing their best to let the guy who beat a friend of mine severely, while attempting to rape and kill her, go home free and serve no jail time pay no fine, not even restitution for her medical bills or her property that he damaged during the attack.

In return for his pleading guilty to a (meaningless) felony they are going to give him a plane ticket to London at taxpayer expense.

The prosecutor even attempted to offer him a misdemeanor plea, but Homeland Security told him it had to be a felony or they couldn't deport him.

a most peculiar nature said...

I'm with you ! There's nothing cooler than a kid's soccer game, especially at that age.

Tyler Nixon said...

AMEN, Steve. You rock brother.

The cult of personality atop the cult of the presidency atop the cult of messianic government atop the cult of beneficent authoritarianism is about the sum reality of the bipolar political discourse to which we have been subjected in frenzied deluge.

One thing I hope from an Obama win is that some of these people will finally just shut the fuck up already and show the rest of us all that hope and change.

There is certain to be a hangover, in large part from the vicious nastiness and nasty viciousness the ultra-partisan lefties co-opted the black soul of some of the worst sort of right-wing scum we have ever seen.

They didn't become the change they sought, they became what they sought to change. I guess people looking for a messiah tend to get stuck in old testament eye-for-an-eye and smite-thy-enemy kind of earth-scorching to make the world ready for Him.

The hangover will linger for awhile, I suspect until the same statist propagandists return to savage those wondering where all that hope and change went.

Leopards don't change their spots and base rank partisans with a penchant for angry berzerkery and now a taste for blood will carry on their poison towards anyone who dares question the coming uber-ObamAmerica.

Nevertheless, being on the receiving end of over-the-top nastiness and bile will surely have served some of us at least, in the moving forward. I liken it to immunizing yourself through repeated small dose exposures to a malignant pathogen.

Bring it, nasty spinmeisters. We saw you come around with Bill and Hill, and then your same ilk with George W. and Karlheinz.

You are the ones who will be facing accountability, for better or worse. You best put away your tap dancing away and get your boots on.

Duffy said...

"I'll engage in grey markets, black markets, and cheat on taxes as necessary."

Ha! Awesome.

Hube said...

Beautifully stated, Steve!