Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A note for Pandora

A few days ago you posted a very personal and very thoughtful piece on the Difference Between Health Care and Health Insurance. It was an excellent, and thought-provoking piece on what's wrong with the current system.

For me it was a problem in that I either had to skip replying or write something far too lengthy to go into the comments section.

So I didn't reply. But I have been working on a fairly lengthy response that I think might surprise you. Real life being what it is, however, this one is requiring some research and may take at least another week to show up.

Just didn't want you to think I missed it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Steve. I can't wait to read your post.

After I wrote that post I thought of another personal incident...

We had planned on a normal delivery when my son was born. Unfortunately, the baby went into fetal distress and my blood pressure crashed. As I was rushed into surgery - uncertain what was going to happen to me or my baby - I kept telling my husband to call our insurance company.

You see, in order to have a C-section (scheduled or emergency) covered we had to notify the insurance company within 24 hours of the procedure. What a disgrace. I'm sure this helped my blood pressure. God, I was nuts... and young... and broke.

Anonymous said...

Steve-So glad you are preparing a piece. I too saw the entry, and all I had time to do was harrumph. It was provocative, but not excellent; and I do fear those who think even the best European models will work are woefully misinformed. What people forget is Americans are demanding consumers. They will be the first to scream when placed in a ward of 4-8 other patients, and the bathroom is down the hall. Then the nut says well, we can have them pay extra if they want a private room or upgrade. Give that 2 years, then we have people screaming we discriminate against the poor, and everyone deserves a private room! And on and on from there. Americans need to be informed what is really necessary; and I don't think our spoiled egocentric way of life can fit into any model of universal healthcare. They will demand annual mammograms, and prostate screenings for people well up in age; when other countries wouldn't even bother. Our adolescent population would have to forego the Holy Grail of acne medication, Accutane, at a consumer cost of 1300 bucks per round, until our demanding public had insurance cover it as a regular prescription. No, America is ready for whatever universal or socialized, or inclusive, or single payor, healthcare for everyone else, except their situation. What I would encourage is coverage for universally accepted pro-active public policy initiatives. We should not be paying for childhood immunizations, birth control alternatives, and a select few other things. But I really don't want to be picking up the tab for cancer care, heart disease etc. We will all die from something, and sometimes you just have to go with it. Now, that's why we have insurance. But Americans just don't get it; and want every skintag removed. Good luck with your research. I'm keeping my US healthplan, and don't mind that deductible, for what I have gotten in return over the years-in good health and bad.

Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting the healthcare piece.