Saturday, November 29, 2008

Might I suggest shovel and brown uniforms?

What does it take to make us all realize what it means to be an American?

Apparently, three months of compulsory service for all citizens 18-25.

There's a problem with the embed code that I can't debug, so visit EyeblastTV for the clip of Rahm Emmanuel discussing exactly how this wonderful piece of state-sponsored mandatory volunteerism is supposed to work

I can't wait to hear my liberal/progressive friends defend this proposal.


Eric Dondero said...

You neglected to list the name of the Party that's pushing compulsory national service for Youth.

Allow me to mention it for you:


Anonymous said...

Uh, Mr. Dondero, Barry's mandatory "service" proposal has bipartisan support.

And allow me to remind you that it was your wet-dream-boy, Rudy Giuliani, who FIRST proposed this back when Obama was an also-ran.

Oh, how short the memories be of partisans. :)