Sunday, November 2, 2008

One for Mike Matthews, just to prove I can get as weird as DWA some days

From Lee at A Secondhand Conjecture:

I tend to take a liberal attitude toward alternative lifestyles generally. Apart from the moral requirement to protect personal freedom, I like to think they do more to enliven the human experience for spectators, than they do to exert the kind of apocalyptic moral corrosion envisioned by the likes of Robert Bork, et al. But there are occasions I must confess, when the alternatives become so silly that even I must shake my head in dismay at the state of things. It happens that the practice of paraphilic infantilism tests my limits for liberal ataraxy quite well.

Thus meet Heidilynn, a fifty year old AB (adult baby) in California, who has intentionally undone his toilet training through a process of hypnosis. Heidilynn lives his life almost entirely as a female infant you see. But after having spent thousands of dollars on adult-sized high chairs, frilly onesies, and related paraphernalia, a moment of lucidity finally struck him: “This is ridiculous.”

In this moment Heidilynn sought help from a mental health professional at Vanderbilt Hospital, but was advised that he ought to accept his infantilism as a lifestyle and merely integrate it into his day as best he could. According to this therapist, once acquired, it is apparently impossible to overcome the desire to wear a bib and diapers. Heidilynnn maintains it was he best advice he ever received –which makes one wonder at what else people have been recommending for him– and the window of recognition closed. Now he spends his days laying in a playpen, gurgling, urinating on himself and sucking on a rubber nipple.

That is, when he’s not venturing out to pride parades to increase awareness of the legitimacy of the lifestyle. Trouble on the horizon there, so get your snickering in before it’s a hate crime. Yet perhaps a street demonstration for the recognition of intentional incontinence as socially legitimate, is an entirely fitting metaphor for identity politics itself.

As Mike might say, Show me some love!

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