Friday, November 7, 2008

I finally found the instruction manual for Delawareliberal (seriously)...

... even if I had to steal it from A Secondhand Conjecture.

There are a lot of folks--including liberals, conservatives, libertarians and everything else--who visit Delawareliberal and ... get handled a little more roughly than they expected. Sometimes they go overboard and ban somebody, which I think is not a good thing--but what the hell it's their blog.

Anyway, when they're running true to form, this would be the best summation of their standard:

If you expect to come here, spout idiotic opinions, write poorly, or just otherwise make an ass of yourself, don’t expect to be mollycoddled. If you are not smart, not funny, or simply don’t add to the collective discourse, you will be beaten like a Russian bride and sent on your way.

This is not quashing dissent. This is the cold boot of failure kicking you straight between the eyes. Just because the American educational system has taught you that everybody is a winner, and that you have some twisted right to have your opinion not only heard, but respected, doesn’t make it true.

Frankly, some of you need to be told that, objectively, you suck. And if you do, it will happen here. You have been warned.”

OK jason, geek, dv, pandora, cassandra, nemski, and DD--did I nail it successfully?


Hube said...

If you expect to come here, spout idiotic opinions

Which is more than ironic since they comprise the vast majority of DL blog posts ...

write poorly

Egad. Jason and DV, for starters, could give a grammar teacher a coronary.

or just otherwise make an ass of yourself

You mean like relishing in the illnesses/deaths of conservatives? Like referring to your political opposites as "evil?"

Yeah Steve, I think you covered it quite well.

Steven H. Newton said...

Rats, you blew my game. Now I'll never get them to comment.

Anonymous said...

Steve - You nailed it. Hube is still bitter that we run everything due to his teams vast incompetence.

Anonymous said...

If you're referring to the national and local political "team," Geek, you couldn't be more wrong. The only bitterness I feel, however small, is directly related to the asininity your blog spews into the whole of the DE blogosphere, ¿entiendes, huev√≥n?

Anonymous said...

Hube is just still smarting from that cold boot of failure being applied to his nose. ;)

And yes, Jason and DV give me coronaries with their grammar. Half the time I edit, and the other half I just drink.

Anonymous said...

I gots to type fast to keep up with the boot applications.

Yes. You nailed it.


Anonymous said...

I know DelDem -- I'm "evil." You said it yourself.

One of these days, though, you'll grow the f*** up and become a man.

Anonymous said...

I'm open for debate. What I can't stand are "talking points". Otherwise, I think you nailed it - or us!

Anonymous said...

Steve - I like you more and more each day. I get caught in the trap of angry venting quite often at DelawareLiberal and I occasionally regret this. To my mind the issue lies in the definition of terms. Yes, DELib is a political blog, but it is mostly an entertaining spoof. It’s hardly intellectual discourse, so what. I can get that elsewhere. I think some hold it to a standard it doesn’t hold itself to.

And Hube is an “adult” who reads comic books. Need I saw more?