Saturday, November 29, 2008

There will not be a second American Civil War....

... no matter how some of our more reactionary friends would like to fantasize about it.

From (faux)Libertarian Republican:

But 56 million Americans voted against Obammunism and that’s who is retreating from the markets and stocking up on guns and ammo in record numbers. They are preparing to protect their earned property, by force if need be.

No, they're not. They're purchasing ammunition because we're sure to see an increase in the taxes on ammo. Why they buy it, they're planning to stockpile it for use in hunting, target shooting, and personal defense... exactly as they always have.

They're purchasing handguns and rifles because they're afraid of increased Federal regulations that will make it more difficulty if not impossible to acquire them. When they buy them, they're going to use them in hunting, target shooting, and personal defense... exactly as they always have.

Yes, the advocates of extremist gun control are closer to the halls of power than they have been for a few decades, but they are only going to have their ultimate wet-dream success if the rest of us just simply drop out of the political process and cater to their talking-points image of all gun-owners as potential homicidal murderers of liberal churchgoers.

To suggest that the election of Barack Obama is the tip-over point to civil war (Eric Dondero decided to title his post, "The blood of patriots & tyrants: Obama's election could bring about the next Civil War--Rural Red vs. the Big Blue Urban Areas") is not just a piece of breath-taking irresponsibility, but a complete underestimation of the resilience of the American people and the American system.

It is the naked suggestion that political disagreements in the United States sometimes need to be resolved by force.

Does the avowedly Statist agenda of the progressives and liberals in the White House and Congress threaten critical aspects of American Constitutional liberties? Yes, it does.

But the fact of the matter is that Barack Obama and the Democrats convinced more people to vote for "Bread and Circuses" and comforting illusion of security that only a bloated government could provide. They did so because the Republicans spent the previous eight years tattering the Constitution, muddying the line between Church and State, and bloating the rest of the government while passing out hand-outs to their buddies.

They won non-violently, playing the same system everybody else does. And that's how we have to defeat them, and their ideas, without ever losing sight of a critical fact: the people who voted for Barack Obama and the Democrats are American citizens who love this country just as much as JB Williams or Eric Dondero....

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