Sunday, November 30, 2008

Delaware Libertarian exclusive: LNC hired parliamentarian to plan Keaton ejection

Submitted for your perusal... a leaked document indicating that the LNC retained a parliamentarian to assess their chances of tossing Angela Keaton off the LNC.

It would be especially interesting if the individuals behind this particular effort used your and my contributions to the Libertarian party to pay for this. The letter is addressed to Bill Redpath.

No money for proper ballot access in West Virginia or Oklahoma -- yet thousands of dollars to harrass George Phillies and (apparently) try to eject the most popularly elected member of the LNC.

And no, Keaton was not the source of this leak. That person shall remain anonymous -- and good on that person for stepping forward with this information.

The content of the file (a PDF) is at the link below. It's a snoozer of parliamentary gobbledygook, filled with some intriguing details regarding Redpath's request to figure out what leeway he has.

Parliamentarian's Letter To Bill Redpath Regarding Removal Of Angela Keaton

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