Friday, November 7, 2008

Return Day 2008

My mother, Eileen, has known Joe Biden since high school. He was Archmere '61 and she was Ursuline '60. Our family has gone to church with the Bidens at St. Joe's on the Brandywine since the early 70's. I got to know the Senator better at many Archmere homecomings over the years, just chatting politics on the hillside watching the football game.

Like so many Delawareans we have known Joe for almost all our lives. He is a genuinely charming and gracious person. So are all in the Biden family, no matter politics.

Yesterday at the moment Joe saw my mother he gave her a big hug and offered very kind sentiments about the children she worked so hard to raise right. As a single mother who faced much adversity and made so many sacrifices for us, this made her heart proud. I am grateful to Senator Biden for such a kindness.

Joe is a good man, with big heart and even greater spirit. It is no accident he has risen to this occasion. He will serve our nation well as Vice-President.

Congratulations and Godspeed Vice-President-Elect Biden!
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