Friday, November 14, 2008

Papers, please! The Max Baucus plan to convert the IRA into the Health Insurance Enforcement Agency

From the Senate Finance Committee report on changing the health care system [primary author Max Baucus]:

The responsibility for all Americans to obtain coverage would be enforced possibly through the U.S. tax system or some other point of contact between individuals and the government. Every individual would receive a certificate of coverage from their insurer to demonstrate that they are meeting their responsibility.

Enforcement of a responsibility to have health care through the tax system has advantages. The biggest advantage is that most Americans already have contact with the IRS through the annual filing of a tax return. Monitoring health insurance coverage through the tax code would take advantage of this existing relationship. One issue to be addressed, however, is how to deal with individuals who do not file a tax return due to their low tax liability. If a premium subsidy for health care was administered through the tax code, the non-filer issue would be significantly decreased because a number of current non-filers would voluntarily file in order to get the assistance.

If you don't understand why this frightens me, you're reading the wrong blog.


a most peculiar nature said...

My bugout kit is packed and ready.

(P.S. Typo in title? IRA-vs-IRS)

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