Sunday, November 30, 2008

I love selective outrage....

... like the current donviti post at Delawareliberal that has discovered that retired General Barry McCaffrey has turned into a defense industry lobbyist.

Quoth the outraged dv:

Oh look a 4 star general pimp’d himself out. Why am I not surprised…but don’t read the article, it’s from the MSM and they hate america….

If dv bothered to read beyond the MSM story du jour, he'd have discovered:

1) McCaffrey has been laboring under a cloud since he was nearly cashiered for misconduct in the First Gulf War.

2) He then went on to be Clinton's drug czar, and get into another scandal by playing games with network advertising.

More to the point, if dv had been paying any attention whatsoever during the Presidential campaign, he'd have noticed that Barack Obama literally surrounded himself with former admirals and generals turned into defense industry lobbyists. He even cut a video of their endorsements. I published it all here, but what the hell, it's not important when our guy does it, except that....

McCaffrey was a Democratic appointee, and far from being the exception to the pattern, he's the rule.

Both wings of the Demopublican party humble themselves (you might say, go down on their kneepads) to the military-industrial complex, which is why the three highest Senatorial recipients of defense contributions were Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain.

So if Delaware's former hottest(air) blogger wants to tout himself as the outraged champion of the people being screwed over, he really ought to--I don't know--actually do a little research next time.

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