Monday, September 1, 2008

And this is the way to spend Memorial Day...

At Rehoboth Beach on a Saturday night, first listening to the DSU Approaching Storm Marching Band do my university proud (with props to the dancers and the flag squad as well):

And then off to the Sands to watch Chris Peterson's Eye-cons show. Chris is the best female impersonator in North America, bar none, and catching one of his last shows of the season is always a treat. [He'll be back this year in December for some Christmas shows; don't miss it.]

I was particularly proud of Rehoboth for putting up all the banners of fallen Delaware heroes back to the Vietnam (and possibly Korean) war.


Anonymous said...

want to change that to Labor Day?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Memorial Day is in May and we celebrate it because American servicemen are the greatest, their sacrifices are heroic and one day of homage doesn't do them justice.Today, September 1st, is Labor Day. We celebrate the work of Peter J. McGuire that organised labor in this country. Our membership knows struggle and loss as well. What our military secures from without, we build from within. I don't know if your post is an honest mistake or a slight to Unions but I'm glad to have helped you again.