Friday, June 22, 2012

About damn time: Senate votes to end one minor form of Demopublican welfare

The US Senate has finally voted overwhelmingly to end the $18 million/party subsidies that the Federal government gives to Dems and GOPers each year to hold their national conventions:

Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who sponsored the proposal with Democratic Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado, says taxpayers should not have to contribute, as they are doing for the two conventions this year, when the nominee has been decided.
Coburn says the public this year is spending more than $36 million for the conventions.
The measure, if it becomes law, would not take effect until future political conventions. The idea would need the House's OK.
The Senate vote was 95-4 for the proposal, which was presented as an amendment to a farm bill.

(Notice they didn't do it until the money had already been dispensed this year, and we'll have to wait for the House and the President to follow suit.)

Now if somebody would just recognize that other parties should have the right to unhampered ballot access . . . .


delacrat said...

Did the Libertarian, Green other "3rd" parties ever get that deal?

Steven H. Newton said...

No, delacrat, the rule are so written that (surprise!) only two parties could ever qualify.

I researched this is 2008 and I honestly don't recall the exact rule, but it was something on the order of "must have had x% of the electoral vote in three previous elections" type of thing.

Steven H. Newton said...

Hell, delacrat, the combined Libertarian and Green campaigns for the last three elections haven't managed to spend 1/3 of that.