Monday, June 4, 2012

Scotty Boman: LP candidate for US Senate in Michigan

Scotty Boman: gotta love
the flag tie!
I've been putting a lot less emphasis on state LP campaigns thus far this year because my primary focus is obviously Gary Johnson and local Delaware Libertarians.

That will change over the summer, but for now here is an exception to the rule:

The good news is that Scotty Boman has just received the LP nomination for US Senate in Michigan.

Scotty is a strong Libertarian who had tried for the Republican nomination as a Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty guy.  In 2008 he managed a very credible 76,000+ votes against Carl Levin.  That was three times the number of votes Bob Barr collected in Michigan, by the way.

If you are among those fortunate enough to have a few extra bucks to throw in his direction, you could not make better use of it for one of the strongest Libertarian candidates in a State-wide race anywhere in the country.

Visit Scotty's website here.


Scotty Boman said...

I am honored and humbled. Fight war not wars. Fight power not people.

Anonymous said...

IT does not hurt that Scotty BoWman is the name of a beloved long time Detroit Red Wings Head Coach

wraft said...

Scotty is also heading an effort to recall US Senator Carl Levin over the NDAA of 2012. Committee To Recall Carl Levin Also On facebook

wraft said...

Excuse me. Committee To Recall Carl Levin