Sunday, June 24, 2012

Campaign quick hits for Sunday

1.  Another idiotic article by a non-libertarian that tells everyone what libertarians think.  This is apparently the consequence of libertarian ideology beginning to break into the mainstream.  To paraphrase the old Gandhi aphorism, "First they ignore you, then they make fun of you, and then they pretend to know what you're talking about."

2.  Is Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson a Ralph Nader-type "spoiler" or an indication that what Ron Paul started has gone beyond a phenomenon to become a movement?

3.  Another piece about what happens to the Ron Paul movement after Tampa by's Justin Raimondo.  As usual for these articles, no mention is made of Gary Johnson, because even the people who oppose the two-party system are often too mired in it to see any alternatives.

4.  More ballot access highjinks:  New Hampshire Secretary of State says he will deny Libertarian Party  its own place on the ballot alongside GOPers and Dems despite collecting adequate signatures and an earlier court ruling.  It is easy for Dems and GOPers to make fun of the Libertarians when they have rigged ballot access almost everywhere in the country to require the LP to spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars each election year to re-qualify for ballot access.

5.  Former Democratic Party Press Secretary endorses Gary Johnson.

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