Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thinking about 2016: did you ever notice that there are too many Democrats and too few offices?

This is the inherent problem you get when the Democratic Party has created a "bench" over the past ten years (something the GOP has failed at remarkably).

All of these people want to be Governor or Congressman or Senator in 2016:

Chris Coons
John Carney
Jack Markell
Matt Denn
Beau Biden
Chip Flowers

And there are a whole host of Dems in the General Assembly with higher ambitions, from Pete Schwarzkopf to Brian Bushweller to John Kowalko.

One-party rule kind of stinks when it becomes as Darwinian as it will become over the next four years, doesn't it?

And to which law firms, insurance companies, banks, or pharmaceutical companies will the inevitable losers peddle themselves to?

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Will McVay said...

Large political groups absent a credible opposition will inevitably fall to division and internal conflict. I can't think of an organization that would take advantage of these divisions, can you?