Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gary Johnson endorses Andrew Groff for US Senate in Delaware

Andrew Groff: coalitions
between alternative parties
may be the best way to return
competitive politics to DE
It's Official!
Gary Johnson Campaign Endorses Second Set of Libertarian Candidates 
7 June 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters 
Governor Johnson is pleased to announce, on behalf of himself, Judge Gray and the Johnson/Gray2012 Campaign, his endorsement of the following candidates: 
Andrew R. Groff for the United States Senate, Delaware. 
A Delaware native, Andrew Groff graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Economics and Engineering and a minor in Political Science. He is an independent business owner, with a lifetime of experience in international trade. The Green Party of Delaware nominated him for US Senate, and he has been endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Delaware. 
Governor Johnson states, “Andrew Groff will be the strong, unyielding voice we need in the United States Senate to end the abuses of freedom and liberty we see today. He takes an uncompromising stand against handouts to big business, federal interference in education, and fights hard for fiscally conservative, socially tolerant government. We need more people like Andrew Groff.” 
Andrew R. Goff, “I endorse Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray as the presidential ticket that will give Americans a chance to vote for the promise of real change from the closed, broken two-party system. They will end America's wars, repeal the Patriot Act, stop the mindless Federal "war on drugs," and give us true marriage equality as a Civil Right. Electing Libertarian candidates is the only way to end the death grip of the special interests that currently control American politics." 
Andrew Groff's unique dual endorsement by the Greens and Libertarians is only one facet of the potential strength of his campaign.

He has also sorta, kinda been endorsed by Jason Scott and Delaware Dem at DelawareLiberal, and in DL's latest poll (admittedly unscientific) Groff is running second to incumbent Tom Carper (D-multi-nationals), and ahead of Independent Alex Pires and whoever the anonymous Republican is in the race.


Eric Dondero said...

I left a message for my friend Will McVay in an older thread. I hope he reads it.

Will maintains that "pulling out" of Afghanistan and "ending wars," is a "libertarian" position.

I'd ask my friend Will, would it be "libertarian" to let 6 million Jews die under Hitler's Nazis? Is that the definition of "libertarian."

A pull-out of Afghanistan almost guarantees a slaughter of Afghani women and children on a scale not seen by humanity since Pol Pot's reign of terror in Cambodia in 1977.

We're talking 1 million, perhaps 2 million Afghanis will be murdered by the Taliban.

Is that what you want Will? Are you prepared to defend your isolationism/non-internventionism when scenes start spilling on to Fox News and CNN of Afghani women being shot in the back of the head by the Taliban? Mass graves? Opponents of the Taliban gassed to death, buried alive, lined up in front of mass graves and shot?

Human genocide is NOT libertarian Will.

Will McVay said...

Oh, is that why we're there now? I thought it was to catch OBL. Oh, he's caught? I thought it was to suppress Al Qaeda. Oh, they're mostly operating out of Yemen now? I thought it was to create a free and prosperous country out of a region that has never been that. Oh, you mean we can't do that with a military occupation? Let's just grasp on to the last straw and call all war critics isolationist peaceniks who approve of genocide.

Let's talk about the REST of my comment, specifically the word "expand". Not only would Romney continue the occupation of Afghanistan, indefinitely, for no strategic purpose that suits our interests other than preventing your imagined "genocide", but he has also advocated military intervention in Syria and Iran.

How many countries do we need to blow up to be YOUR brand of "libertarian"?

This is the problem with the libertarian movement, really. We're too weak overall to stop people with big mouths and no clue misrepresenting the message of the movement. Romney's not it, no matter how many capital letters you use.

Will McVay said...

If you want to continue this discussion, email me or come spam my website. Leave Andrew Groff's endorsement release out of the crossfire.