Thursday, June 14, 2012

Between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney today, you didn't hear anything new on the economy, but Gary Johnson said something different

Responding to the highly touted but hugely disappointing economics speeches given by the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, Libertarian Gary Johnson actually had something different to say:

Saying "Enough with the excuses and blame," Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico GovernorGary Johnson responded to Ohio speeches today by bothPresident Obama and Mitt Romney by stating that neither will "commit to the steps that are truly necessary to put America back to work."
In a statement, Johnson said, "While Barack Obama and Mitt Romney deliver dueling economic speeches in Ohio, the simple fact is that neither of them will commit to the steps that are truly necessary to put America back to work in an economic environment freed from the burdens of smothering deficits and government meddling that are, in fact, killing jobs and preventing recovery.
"We are in deep, deep trouble economically, and virtually every American is paying the price. Yet we have a president making excuses and promising that things will get better if we just let him have four more years to keep going down a failed path. And we have a Republican candidate promising to do better, but without offering anything dramatically different from the same policies that have gotten us into this mess.

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