Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Killing pregnant women in Honduras: President Obama's drug war as bad as his drones

Look! President Obama's
foreign policy has a new
What is continually amazing to me is the profound silence of anyone except Libertarians over not just the drone wars in Pakistan and Yemen, or the support of Islamist groups in Somalia, but also of the bloody undeclared "drug wars" we are fighting south of the US border.

In Honduras DEA special forces teams with attack helicopters are literally marauding through the countryside, killing civilians including children and pregnant women.

Meanwhile, inside the US it's still the economy, stupid, and civil liberties are not an issue in this year's election.

I know that it is impolitic, politically incorrect, and leads to general condemnation to imply this, but sometimes the truth hurts.

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NCSDad said...

Where are the anti-war activists on Main Street (north)? Where is the outrage at extra-judicial killings of American citizens? We are killing and incarcerating at historical levels only matched by 1930's Germany and Mao's China in recent history.