Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Barbara Howe: Libertarian for Governor of North Carolina

Barbara Howe:  one of the most
consistent Libertarian candidates
of the past decade.
Year in and year out, since 1998, tens of thousands of Libertarians in North Carolina have voted for Barbara Howe.

In 1998 she received 36,963 votes (1.84%) for US Senate.

In 2000 she received 42,674 votes (1.45%) for Governor.

In 2004 she received 51,538 votes (2%) for Governor.

In 2008 she managed the gubernatorial campaign of Michael Munger, who received 120,876 votes (2.9%).

In 2010 she received 3,786 votes (22%) for State Represenative, 32nd District.

This is possibly one of the most consistent records in the Libertarian Party.

This year, Barbara Howe is running (and riding) for Governor again.  She plans to ride her bicycle through every one of the Tarheel State's counties before Election Day.

Correction: as Barbara points out in the comments, I got this wrong.  She is running 5K races in every one of North Carolina's counties, not biking.  It's Gary Johnson who does the biking in his triathalons.

Why do people conintue to vote for Barbara Howe, even though they know--as a Libertarian--she's the longest of long shots?

Because she makes sense.

Barbara wants school choice, a death penalty moratorium, an end to corporate welfare, and a reversal of the odious Amendment One, which now prevents same-sex couples from marrying or even entering into civil unions.

I know Michael Munger, and I know how highly he thinks of Barbara Howe.

I know that tens of thousands of North Carolinians have repeatedly supported her endeavors to bring sensible Libertarian government to their state.

Visit her website and read her amazing story.

Barbara Howe makes me proud to be a Libertarian, and prouder still to endorse her candidacy.

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Barbara H said...


Thanks for the shout out and the endorsement. I hope to keep my momentum moving forward.

One quick note: I am doing 5k runs in each of NC's 100 counties, literally "running for governor." I've completed 13 so far.

You can track my progress at