Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick hits for the campaign season

1.  Under President Obama arms sales to foreign governments hit new highs.  If he can't make war in your country, he'll sell you the tools to do it yourself.

2.  Noah Rothmann of MEDIAite has an essay on what Libertarians have done wrong politically, which is about as persuasive as an essay by Rick Santorum on what progressives have done wrong.

3.  Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson will visit a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary next week to dramatize his support for the legalization bill, Amendment 64, and to lobby for the support of Sensible Colorado.

4.  If Representatives John Kowalko and Earl Jaques have their way with HB 392, I seriously hope that you never need a heart, lung, liver, or kidney transplant; never need to access an organ bank; and don't need the services of a top-flight burn center.  We don't offer those services in Delaware, so the only way their proposed Delaware Single-Payer plan will cover them is if the hospitals in Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Washington DC are willing to take whatever Delaware is willing to pay them.  If they demand more, even if you are dying and have the money to pay for it, HB 392 prevents the Health Security bureaucrats from covering it.

5.  Democratic Insurance Commissioner candidate Mitch Crane proudly lists on his campaign site the "fact" that he supports HB 392.  Turns out that there is a lot of John Kerry in our man Mitch, since within hours of being confronted with evidence that HB 392 is [technical term] a stinking turd of a bill, Mitch backed off real quickly:
I do not know if a state the size of Delaware can enact a successful single payer program. 
Which is it, Mitch?  For Single-Payer or skeptical about the concept?  Your fans (and Karen Weldin Stewart) really want to know.  Will KWS be savvy enough to pounce on this flip-flop, or will Mitch get away with talking out of both sides of his mouth--on the same day?

6.   Meanwhile, Earl Jaques (who has the tin ear to brag both about his support for the Fisker deal and his support for Race to the Top on his campaign website) has now gone TWO DAYS without providing the HB 392 numbers that supposedly support its fiscal viability, and has completed ONE DAY without challenging my analysis .  C'mon, Earl, show us the numbers.  You're unopposed.  As long as you and the Missus get out there and vote, you win.

7.  Oh, and if you didn't know, jason at Delawareliberal is a coward.

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anonone said...

Of course, if the Libertarians were in power, you or your children wouldn't receive ANY healthcare assistance from the government whatsoever.

In the Libertarian survival of the richest dreamland, your family's healthcare would end as soon as you spent your last penny. Then you and your kids can die on the street, for all they care. That is their idea of personal responsibility.