Monday, June 11, 2012

It's very simple, really. I stand with Starchild.

Starchild, if you can just keep them
chasing tail--er, I mean, chasing their
own tails--until November, you will
qualify as this year's Libertarian hero.
I'd really like it if the Libertarian National Committee had the commitment to procedural transparency and ethical conduct of a San Francisco sex worker.

Given the fact that the only two things the LNC actually does that matters to most of us out in the sticks is to nominate a presidential ticket and manage the ballot access process, you'd think there weren't that many things to keep secret.*

It's not like the party that racked up fewer than 600,000 votes out of 145,000,000 in 2008 has any deep, secret political strategies that the Dems and GOPers covet.

So, when people get upset because Starchild outed their petty little fights, I think to myself:  at least this is keeping them busy so they won't f--k up the Gary Johnson, Barbara Howe, Scotty Boman, Andy Horning, etc. etc. campaigns.

*Note to self:  they blew the presidential nomination thing in 2008 (Barr/Root?), and keep ballot access hovering on the brink of disaster every election year.  So maybe we should agree not to reveal their identities.  Think of it as sort of a political witless (yes, I spelled that right) protection program.


tom said...

although i can't disagree w/ Starchild on the value of transparency, I don't really see the point of airing our dirty laundry here. i doubt that any of your readers really care.

i'm sure the DNC and the RNC have these sorts of petty squabbles too, but Sayre's law pretty much guarantees that ours will be far more vicious.

Will McVay said...

this is exactly why i voted for Starchild at the convention this year

Jason Gatties said...

I've always respected Starchild, he's an asset to the LNC. Many good people (myself included) have left the LP due in large part to all the drama in the LNC and state/local groups.

If we had more folks like Starchild on the LNC, the LP would be a much stronger party.

While I disagree with certain Constitution Party planks, I've personally found those people much easier to work with, especially at the state & local level, so I will continue to pay my dues & represent that party on the ballot.

I hope he reads this...thank you Starchild for having integrity and for fighting for the party, something I obviously didn't have the stomach for.