Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day Three of the Earl Jaques numbers watch

Earl, you may recall, challenged me to disprove the numbers he never provided to validate the funding mechanism behind HB 392.

So I did the analysis--with significant help from Jesse McVay--and, guess what?

Either his funding mechanism can't raise the money, or he truly believes he can provide health care for nothing.

So, I'm still waiting for Earl Jaques and John Kowalko to publish the funding numbers they claim they had run by the Secretary of Finance and the Controller General.


Anonymous said...

You have created the worst mistake a citizen can make. You have questioned the great and all mighty politician.

Please say youre sorry and you wont do it again and they can continue to conjure their mumbo jumbo behind the great silk curtain.

You asked for actual numbers! we are dealing with people who find money under seat cushions at the last minute to fund things. We are dealing with people whose first reaction to over spending is to make ridiculous statments like 'we'll have to cut teachers and police and firefighters.' Never once have they considered looking at redundant areas like State Department of Libraries; State International Trade and Development; Office of Supplier Diversity. Or all the money spent on installing tele-conferencing in various state office buildings but then requiring employees to show up in person at trainings and meetings to actually 'log in.'

NCSDad said...

Keep the pressure on Steve. I am waiting fir the good government folks over at DeLiberal to join your campaign for transparency.

Steven H. Newton said...

@NCSDad don't hold your breath

NCSDad said...

Using the similarity of parts of the gop and Lib agendas to smear the whole of libertarianism is pure sophistry.

NCSDad said...

Sorry Steve, commenting on phone I posted to wrong thread.