Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nichole Dobo is much nicer than I am: describes DOA DOE teacher incentive program as "evolving"

But then, she has to actually pay the bills and stay in the good graces of her employer.

Teacher Bonus Program Evolving
The state’s teacher retention and bonus program schools were announced earlier this month. Since then, the deadline has passed for charters and districts to indicate if they are going to take part.
The program, paid for with part of the state’s federal $119 million Race to the Top grant, would give certain teachers a $10K bonus to stay in certain schools. This bonus program accounts for a sizable chunk of grant.
The state department of education has since extended that deadline. Because of that deadline extension the state declined to provide to The News Journal the list of responses from districts and charters.
The News Journal has independently confirmed that by the first deadline the state’s two largest school districts — Red Clay Consolidated and Christina — both declined to participate in the program. The state has since sent letters asking for reconsideration and offering a new deadline.

Here's what I say:  isn't it remarkable that the State's two largest school districts just turned down a program intended to expend 7% of the entire Race to the Top funding for Delaware?

What does that tell you about the lack of buy-in for a poorly conceived and potentially divisive incentive program?

And what does it tell you when the State, rather than strong-arming these districts like it did to Christina in 2011, sends a letter begging them to reconsider?

It tells you that elections have consequences.

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Anonymous said...

and that the DOE can't write a coherent, evidence based plan to help teachers. Sad. So very sad.