Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yeah, Barack Obama is not some corporatist lackey, yeah sure . . .

. . . which is probably why he is so pissed about these leaks:
WASHINGTON -- A critical document from President Barack Obama's free trade negotiations with eight Pacific nations was leaked online early Wednesday morning, revealing that the administration intends to bestow radical new political powers upon multinational corporations, contradicting prior promises.
If you are a liberal, and reading the two paragraphs below you don't believe that President Obama is selling out your key values, then the only thing I can say is that your "Hope" is getting in the way of your reading comprehension.

The newly leaked document is one of the most controversial of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact. It addresses a broad sweep of regulations governing international investment and reveals the Obama administration's advocacy for policies that environmental activists, financial reform advocates and labor unions have long rejected for eroding key protections currently in domestic laws.
Under the agreement currently being advocated by the Obama administration, American corporations would continue to be subject to domestic laws and regulations on the environment, banking and other issues. But foreign corporations operating within the U.S. would be permitted to appeal key American legal or regulatory rulings to an international tribunal. That international tribunal would be granted the power to overrule American law and impose trade sanctions on the United States for failing to abide by its rulings.


Andrew Groff said...

A very agenda 21ish report. It has been clear that O has been a puppet and stooge since taking office. The lies and deceit are only exceeded by Romney's refusal to put forth a non-contradictory policy or platform statement. If more people don't vote for an alternative party this year, I'm not sure what could solve the intransigence our 2 party duopoly is mired in.

Will McVay said...

I'm glad we endorsed this guy.

tom said...

In case the news didn't make it past the mainstream media blackout, Alabama is now the 1st state to pass a law banning implementation of Agenda 21