Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not voting to re-elect President Obama means that you are a racist

It's true!  People who know much more about these things than the average American have told me.

All my reasons for not supporting Mr. Obama--from his disdain for civil liberties and the rule of law, to his insistence on gaining the power of indefinite detention of American citizens or to execute individual American citizens (and whoever might be standing next to them at the moment) without due process or independent review . . . all of those concerns mask the fact that I am a racist.

Unlike the self-aggrandizing pseudo-intellectuals who make these amazing statements, I can acknowledge that racism does play a part in political decisions for some folks, even in terms of their casting their vote for President.

Unlike the intellectually dishonest and hopelessly vapid folks who consider themselves qualified to tell you exactly how to run your life (no gambling in bars you low-lifes), I can also observe that they have continually played the race card for the past four years to cover up the failures of an administration with such bloody hands that even Jimmy Carter has disowned it.

But wait--Jimmy Carter is a white Southerner--and so he is a racist.

Damn, the critics were right after all.

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