Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Had Al Gore won the Election of 2000, we'd all have gotten a pony

At least that's what is currently being argued on a remarkable Tuesday Open Thread at Delawareliberal.

Using a wonderful counterfactual chart by Bruce Bartlett that argues that we would have a $5.6 Trillion surplus now if Al Gore had won the Election of 2000, DelDem goes on to argue that
I believe under a President Gore, 9/11 never happens.
Which then socialistic ben takes to its logical (?) extreme, first arguing Trutherism
it was ALLOWED to happen under Bush.
And then (according to many commenters there) apparently veering into racism. . . .
With President Gore, there would have been no President Obama
It goes without saying that with President Gore there also would be no global warming and no insensitive rap lyrics (Tipper would not have allowed that), and that we would now be awaiting (or just on the other side of) the rapture.

For those who are not particularly religious, replace "rapture" in previous sentence with "Age of Aquarius."

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delacrat said...

Al Gore will always be "Holy Joe" Lieberman's running mate to me. That he selected an overtly intervention happy, warfare state enthusiast indicates he would not have cared if he offended the anti-war movement, of which he was hardly at the forefront.