Monday, June 4, 2012

Ron Paul supporters in Tampa coming face-to-face with reality: Mitt Romney's GOP doesn't want you

Ron Paul:  It's a festival, that's it.
Mitt Romney: Not at my convention.
As it becomes evident that the GOP leadership is attempting to use back-room maneuvers to squelch the planned Paulfest in Tampa during convention week, California activist Dorothy Robinette asks the critical question:
"We're Republicans. Do they want to alienate us or do they want to bring us into the fold?"
The answer is pretty simple.

Ron Paul and his supporters represent nothing more than an embarassment to the Mitt Romney GOP.

He's running on more military spending, more wars, more Federal intrusion into education, more big government, more Federal spending.

Yes, he needs your votes, but like the Democrats for so many years with African-Americans and the LGBT community, he figures you are a captive audience, so you are NOT going to get any real concessions from him.

Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury?  Not a chance.

Rand Paul as Veep?  Not in the cards.

Amash or Ryan with any real pull in the GOP? Not gonna happen on Mitt's watch.

They believe you are more scared of four more years of Obama than you are upset with Mitt, so they believe you will all obediently hold your nose and vote "correctly."

There is an alternative, and you know what it is.

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