Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Laugher of the Day: Obama plans to attack Romney . . . as a radical Libertarian

From The Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama is previewing his next strategy in the 2012 campaign — an audacious effort to paint former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and the majority GOP as radical libertarians that have abandoned mainstream American politics.
Since 2000, “we [Democrats] haven’t moved that much… What’s changed is the Republican Party,” Obama told a group of wealthy donors gathered Monday night at a New York town-house owned by Marc Lasry. Lasry is a billionaire equity-capitalist who runs a $20 billion fund that buys up the shaky assets of failing companies.
Republicans “have gone from a preference for market-based solutions to an absolutism… [to] a belief that all regulations are bad; that government has no role to play,” said Obama, who has presided over record unemployment of at least 8.1 percent, record deficits of more than $1 trillion per year, and a record $5 trillion increase in the national debt.
The president’s divisive strategy is designed to persuade swing-voters that the former governor of Massachusetts is a radical libertarian, even though Obama has repeatedly said his health-sector law is modeled on Romney’s Massachusetts law.

Ironically, this charge is occurring just as Governor Mitt Romney's campaign and the RNC are doing their dead-level best to purge the Republican Party of its Ron-Paul-Libertarian wing.


Anonymous said...

Has Obama been doing "a little blow" again, because that's a pretty paranoid (and far off base) attack.

tom said...

I guess we might as well stop wasting our time on the Johnson campaign now that President Obama has declared Mitt Romney a Libertarian. After all even Eric Dondero agrees with Obama, so it must be true.