Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quick hits for a Saturday night

1.  A recent college graduate discovers that his infatuation with Ayn Rand has not prepared him for the real world.  He doesn't tell us what his major was, but presumably the fact that he couldn't find a job right off was the fault of objectivism and not his resume.

2.  Peter E. Singer is brilliant enough to become a billionaire hedge-fund manager, and naive enough to believe that the GOP is going to turn on a dime with respect to same-sex marriage because he funnels money to it.  Hello, Pete, it worked in the Democratic Pary--sort of--but it took decades . . . .  And people think the Ron Paul supporters are being overly optimistic to think that they'll change the GOP.

3.  Will Doig at Salon writes a post called "When Libertarianism Fails," which--ah, please don't tell him--is chock full of examples that seem to prove the opposite.

4.  Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics contends that the main difference between Ron Paul and Gary Johnson is not ideological, but the extent to which Paul has made sure his family has been living well for a decade on the largess of his supporters.

5.  Rick Santorum is now organizing his own group of supporters to challenge the Ron Paul folks at the Tampa GOP convention for control of the platform.  This is entirely too cute to be anything other than orchestrated by the Romney camp and/or the GOP leadership.  Why?  It allows them to reduce the Paul supporters to "one of many voices" in what will be portrayed as the GOP "big tent," and thereby keep most of their stuff out of the platform.

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Miko said...

Re: #1: With 8.2% unemployment, I think it's fair to say that there are quite a few people unemployed through no fault of their resumes.