Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ask Delaware's congressional delegation what's being done about Brett Kimberlin

This is Brett Kimberlin: convicted
felon and a man who believes he
can personally shut down anyone
who talks about his crimes
I'd talk about his crimes in detail, but Ace does it so much better that I could.

It is a long post, but if you believe in freedom of expression, and if you believe that one of the purposes of the State is supposed to be to protect not only your First Amendment rights (as well as the sanctity and safety of your home), then you really need to take the time to read it.

And if you want to delve more deeply into this attempt by one man to shut down virtually anyone who talks about his criminal past, or who connects the dots regarding his bizarre activities with a variety of (quite frankly) well-known rich people who should have more common sense, then go here.

Mountains of circumstantial evidence seem to connect Kimberlin with the outrageous practice of SWATing bloggers (chiefly conservative bloggers) who have attracted his displeasure.  What is SWATing?  You are sitting at home (perhaps sleeping), when the local SWAT team kicks in your door, guns at the ready, because someone has use clever IT to convince the 911 system in your area that you have called in as the victim of a home invasion, or a kidnapping, and are being held against your will, and the police respond--primed to use deadly force . . . .

(Note to the Delaware blogosphere:  in an act that brushes past even his usual callous disregard for factual accuracy, David Anderson blogs about SWATing and blames it on "the Loony Left" without ever mentioning Bret Kimberlin's name.  I'm not really sure if that omission is through ignorance or cowardice.  The nicest interpretation I can put on it is that this is what you get when you get your information from NewsMax, which also apparently lacks the guts to mention Brett Kimberlin by name.)

Silence benefits only the perpetrators.  For a long time, I admit, I ignored this story because I didn't fully understand it, and because it was all happening to people whose blogs I didn't read, or whose opinions I didn't share.  Then, finally, I read about it carefully, and I realized that my silence (and your silence) has now become a weapon that is being used to bring legal and potentially physical harm to other Americans who do exactly what we do every day:  blogging.

Do not allow Brett Kimberlin to silence American bloggers.

You know who they are. Tell them to
get involved in stopping Brett Kimberlin.
Even if the name Michelle Malkin makes you taste bile in the back of your throat, read her short column on how to ask Congress to intervene with regard to this menace, and then join me in asking Delaware's Congressional delegation to step up to the plate.

Otherwise we are all tacitly complicit in this man's so-far successful attempt to prove that none of the rules of civilzied conduct apply to him.

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