Saturday, June 23, 2012

I suppose, in a 24/7/365 news world, this type of headline is inevitable . . . .

Sandusky child sex abuse case offers important lessons

You know what?  It's not true.

Academics and psychologists and attorneys will pontificate, but there is only ONE lesson to be learned here, the same lesson that the Catholic Church has NOT YET learned:

Serial child sexual abuse can ONLY occur when the people who know or suspect turn away--for ANY reason.

That's the lesson:  don't EVER turn away from that child, because YOU could be the ONLY chance that child will EVER have.


anonone said...

Of course, institutions like the Catholic Church can only get away with it because sheeple continue to support them, regardless of their sordid history and actions right up to this day.

NCSDad said...

Sandusky's wife came out looking awful in this. Looks like PSU will too. Nothing absolves him, but he couldn't do it without "help". Boys crying out, then crying themselves to sleep in her house and "I couldn't do anything" is all we get from her?