Friday, June 1, 2012

Comment rescue: David Anderson concedes that Mitt Romney cannot win Delaware

This is important because, if David Anderson is saying it, others in the Delaware GOP have already conceded it in their own minds:
I will vote for Mitt Romney because he is not too bad. He is smart, capable, experienced in the economy, and seems to be right more often than not. That is hardly a ringing endorsement and I suspect that I will not spend much energy in a Presidential campaign that is going to lose Delaware and lose my district no matter what I do. I will spend my energy on my city and couple of campaigns that I think I can help win.
You may as well put Tom Kovach going up against John Carney in that category, too, David.

This is a stunning admission, because what it does is say to GOP voters that their party has given up on statewide elections.

So now it is time to think about what to do with those votes, people, if you don't like President Obama or his policies.  What will give you the "most bang"?  A vote for Mitt who "is not too bad"?

This is where you start to consider Gary Johnson.

(David won't, because even if he gets Audit the Fed, and massive reductions in Federal spending, the man who led New Mexico to a $1 billon surplus while cutting taxes 14 times also supports same-sex marriage; he's a culture warrior.  But I guess he's our culture warrior.)


Eric Dondero said...

Steve, things are changing dramatically. This new Jobs Report signals Romney may now win in a landslide, including blue states like Delaware.

Alternative strategy: If Romney's winning in a landslide, no problem to vote for Gary Johnson to send the GOP a hardline libertarian message.

tom said...

Dream on, Eric...

You had this to say at about the same point in '08,

"... what about the economy? The latest numbers indicate that the slowdown of the economy didn’t turn into a recession, and that we now can look forward to something like a resumption of healthy economic growth. During each of the last two months, the index of leading indicators has ticked up; the unemployment rate is holding steady as are layoffs and job advertizing seems to be on the incline. The relative risk, at this point, seems to be inflation rather than unemployment, and the problems we are dealing with in housing and in the price of energy do not seem to be spilling over into the rest of the economy.

I don’t think the economy will hurt McCain much in this election. If he loses, it will be because of the war, not the economy, ..."

How'd that work out for you?

Mitt Romney couldn't win Delaware even if his opponent was a dog-eating, coke-head with a composite girlfriend, and admitted it.