Friday, June 1, 2012

New Mexico: Gary Johnson polling at 12%, GOP may try to push him off the ballot

Apparently Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is doing far too well in his home state of New Mexico to suit GOP tastes.

Barack Obama 48%
Mitt Romney 35%
Gary Johnson 12%
Undecided 5%

Johnson is pulling in 21% of independent voters, which barely lags the 28% that Romney manages.

 The presence of Gary Johnson on the ballot significantly undercuts Romney’s longer-term viability and may result in legal efforts by GOP-aligned groups to knock Johnson off the November ballot. 
I told you yesterday that the attacks would come.  We've started to be noticed.

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EJBlitz said...

I welcome the attacks, as it will attract the media who cares little for the policy debate, but can't resist the horse race aspects of politics. The greater our exposure, the more we challenge Obama and Romney in states, the greater chance that the media follows us for this reason. That's why they call it earned media instead of free media. You must punch through to get noticed. Gary is starting to do that.