Saturday, June 2, 2012

Today's political news briefs

The difference between Libertarians and Republicans:  Gary Johnson wants to cut the defense budget by 43%.  House Republicans just voted a half-billion more for war than President Obama requested.

Everybody talked about how W came into the White House already bent upon attacking Iraq.  Apparently, the same was true of President Obama, but when your attacks are launched from cyber-space they don't count.

Reuters thinks that marijuana legalization on the Colorado ballot could be make-or-break for President Obama, but strangely omits mention of the only pro-legalization candidate out there, Gary Johnson.

Politico does not have the same blind-spot:

It's not clear, however, that Obama is in any real danger sharing a ballot with this initiative in Colorado. For all the disappointment in the marijuana reform community with Obama, it's hard to imagine pro-marijuana voters breaking for Mitt Romney either — who scolded a reporter for even asking about pot.
The real alternative for pro-marijuana reform voters is Gary Johnson — the Republican-turned-libertarian candidate and admitted medical marijuana user. But a recent New Mexico poll showed that when Johnson polls strong, he mostly hurts Romney. The latest New Mexico numbers (Johnson's home state) show the former two-term governor at 12 percent, with Romney trailing Obama 35 to 48 percent.

And while many are predicting doom, gloom, and destruction for third parties in California's new "top two" election system, Libertarian Gail Lightfoot is within two points of proving them wrong.

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Anonymous said...

That story this week about the cyber attacks was stunning.

How little people seem to be upset about the matter is depressing.

John Galt