Sunday, June 3, 2012

For Commander-in-Chief it's a question of judgment, and Mr. Obama fails that test

I've already discussed the questionable judgment of President Barack Obama in allowing his chief political advisor to become part of the process of determining which individuals should be targeted in our Pakistani drone strikes.

President Obama has also dragged America (without Congressional consent) into more conflicts in more different places than any Chief Executive of recent memory, incuding a covert cyber-war against Iran from the first days of his administration.

Now we discover that, even after Mr. Obama had been advised that his Stuxnet virus, designed to attack Iran's centrifuge production, had spread beyond the targeted areas and represented a threat to computers even in the US, he ordered the attacks to be continued:

Yeah, screw 'em.  Maybe Stuxnet
will work itself into one of the
Bain mainframes.

Despite an error in the Stuxnet worm that attacked Iran’s uranium enrichment program, which caused the malware to spread wildly out of control and infect computers outside of Iran in 2010, President Barack Obama ordered U.S. officials who were behind the attack to continue the operation.
That was despite the fact that Stuxnet was spreading to machines in the United States and elsewhere and could have contained other unknown errors that might affect U.S. machines.

There are arguments to be made on all sides of the political, economic, and social equation about who should be President of the United States.  While I will vote for, or vote against, somebody based on his or her view on same-sex marriage, or marijuana legalization, or the abolition of the US Department of Education, these are not issue--either way--that disqualify an individual from becoming President.

This is different:  the more we learn about the inner workings of foreign and military policy under President Barack Obama, the more we discover that we have placed a man in office who combines the micro-managing style of Lyndon B. Johnson with all the respect for American and international law evidenced by Richard M. Nixon secretly bombing Cambodia.

I would openly invite anybody who thinks that President Obama has revealed the mature judgment and calm temperment necessary to serve as our Commander-in-Chief to explain exactly how--based on the evidence--they reached such a conclusion.

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