Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It wasn't until the third story about President Obama picking drone targets personally that I got really pissed

I mean, you have to figure that a man with that kind of ego would want to shuffle around terrorist trading cards so he could reduce the targeting procedure of our drone strikes to a game of Pokemon.

And, remembering how body counts in Vietnam sometimes included cows and pigs as VC, I wasn't even surprised that President Obama had all male victims formally categorized as "terrorists" to reduce the number of collateral civilian deaths.

I could deal with all that.

But what makes me angry enough to categorize him formally as the Asshat-in-Chief is the fact that while he was selecting who lived and who died, he had his top political advisor in the room:
David Axelrod, the president’s closest political adviser, began showing up at the “Terror Tuesday” meetings, his unspeaking presence a visible reminder of what everyone understood: a successful attack would overwhelm the president’s other aspirations and achievements.
 So while I wasn't willing, for the longest time, to publish what is beneath the fold (and I'm still not willing to put it on the front page) . . . it's time.

It's time to stop pretending that Pakistani, or Yemeni women
and children don't matter.

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