Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Americans Elect probably closing down; Ron Paul conceding; the only "third" option is Libertarian Gary Johnson

It appears that Americans Elect is not going to be fielding a presidential candidate this year, and instead of continuing to throw good money after bad, the well-heeled sponsors are probably going to stop pursuing 50-state ballot access.

Given that Dr. Ron Paul has just conceded the GOP nomination to Mitt Romney, and pledged to work through the Republican convention rather than bolt for a third party, it seems now that Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is the only alternative to the Obama-Romney show that will appear on everyone's ballots.

Governor Johnson is hardly a default choice, and it will be interesting to see (assuming we can get him high enough in the polls to make it into the presidential debates) if a candidate who is more socially liberal that President Obama, and simultaneously more fiscally conservative than Mitt Romney will play well with the American people.

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