Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gary Johnson's Everest fundraise: Who gave the two cents?

There's a running total at the bottom of the page on Gary Johnson's Mount Everest fundraiser, and the good news is that it shows us as being over halfway up the mountain.

(But you could still help out:  go here to donate.)

What bothered me last night was that for about eight hours all the totals of money raised included an extra two cents.

And I thought:  who gives two cents?  Or even $100.02?

Finally, I realized (I'm slow that way) that some donors obviously used PayPal or something similar, and the campaign is only counting the net donation, not the gross.

I felt better.

I will feel even better when we are up to the top.

$29,035 is not millions, but it's a start.

Please consider even a small donation for the only candidate who will . . .

(I'll even spare you the pitch; if you come here often, you've already heard it.)

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