Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rasmussen: 56% of Americans agree with Gary Johnson (who they won't include in their polls) that marijuana should be legalized

Gary Johnson: not only did he inhale,
he called for America to be able to
do the same thing.
No, they didn't mention him by name.  That would break the news embargo.

Nobody in the business but Public Policy Polling bothers to ever track Libertarian Gary Johnson's increasing impact on the presidential race.

But you can't miss his influence in the issues under discussion:  Gary Johnson favored legalizing marijuana long before everyone else.

And now the American public--56% of them at least--have caught up.

Just like Gary Johnson favored marriage equality back when Rick Santorum was advocating for an American theocracy.

Eventually, Barack Obama and today Colin Powell got there.

Politicians calculate.

Soldiers follow.

Leaders get out ahead of the curve.

The man that the Richmond Times-Dispatch said might be too "unflinchingly honest" to be President is a leader.

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