Monday, May 28, 2012

Gary Johnson and Mount Everest: we're just getting to the base camp

Note for purists:  apparently, if we are to believe this map, Gary Johnson
was so elated upon reaching the summit of Mt. Everest that he leapt seven
feet into the air.  (You figure it out.)
The Gary Johnson Everest fundraising event is over halfway there.

As I write, we're at $16,695.00 with three days to go.

You can see from the image above that means we can just see the base camp, and that the most difficult part of the trek upward is still ahead.

It is going to take money to get Gary Johnson to 15% and into the debates.  Ron Paul supporters already know this--they know you've got to give consistently even if only in small amounts to keep your candidate going.

Freedom costs.

I will be digging down at least one more time in this fundraiser to get us to the summit.

Please join me.

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